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Things to Remember When Purchasing Iron On Patches


Lots of people are purchasing custom patches for different reasons. There are groups that simply want to raise awareness and organizations that want to highlight their significance and presence. Companies also use this as a tool for marketing, branding and advertising. The increasing demand for iron on patches continually makes the industry bigger. Today, you will already be able to find countless embroidery companies on the internet. It is highly convenient to place your orders online as this saves much time and effort. However, there are a couple of things you need to remember when purchasing custom patches online.

Range of Options

The options that manufacturers offer differ from one another. This is not a problem if you are looking to have simple designs on your patches. However, this could be an issue in cases when you will need your patches to have specific features and add-ons. For example, the Velcro backing is not one of the most sought out backing option for custom patches which is why there are lots of manufacturers who do not offer them. It would be wise to determine the specifications you need for your iron on patches first before choosing where to purchase. You can check our website and see that we offer most of the customization options you could look for. Of course, you can also have our artists check your design in case it needs any revisions.


Sewn Sample

Purchasing custom embroidered patches online might be convenient but there is one thing that walking into a local store can offer that online stores can’t. If you actually go to the establishment of a local embroidery or patch store, you will get the chance of seeing and examining their samples yourself. This is crucial in order to be certain of the quality that you can expect from them. In order to get the best buy online, it is highly important to look for other ways to thoroughly check the quality of the sewn samples since you will not be able to do this in person. There are people who resort to reading company reviews. This is actually a wise thing to do since it can help you find out whether the previous clients of the company you are planning to opt for were satisfied with the products they received or not.

Sample Designs Matter

One of the most common ways to check the sample designs of an online store is to go to their gallery page. They are most likely to have one in their official website. If you are still in the process of looking where to purchase your custom patches and you are planning to have the manufacturer design them, you should know that not all artists can create the designs precisely according to your liking or the description you submitted to them.

There are also various designs that are not ideal for certain types of patches. You have to be certain that you are dealing with an experienced designer that can make the necessary revisions and adjustments on your patches if there are any. The sample designs is one of the good basis of which company to purchase from since they can help you determine whether the patch specialists of a certain company are able to create designs according to your liking.

Iron On Patches


Of course, the prices matter especially if you are planning to have a couple of add-ons or if you are going to buy in bulk. Custom patches can instantly look better with various add-ons. They can also allow your patches to be attached easily on the garments. There are even add-ons that can increase the lifespan of the custom patches. The problem is that add-ons can easily cause your orders to get a significant increase in cost.

It would be better to determine the add-ons you want your iron on patches to have before deciding to purchase. Check each features of your patches and see whether you want to customize it or not. There are different border options, thread types and backings that you can choose from. There are certain options that are offered for free but those that are not among the standard deliverable options could be considered as an add-on.

There are lots of things you can do in order to ensure that your iron on patches will look great. Of course, we can help you with that. From designs and revisions to the wide range of customization options, we will help you get the exact patches you are looking for.

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Author:Barbara Schutte