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Challengecoins4less.com offers great challenge coins


A lot of us may be yearning to know more information about challenge coins, like their appearance and form, and especially, the influential people who possess them.

Many years ago, unused bullets functioned as insignia. This continued until the first challenge coins from this era were produced by the Army’s 10th or 11th Special Forces Group. Since bullets were clearly supposed as perilous, each military unit was strictly commanded to use coins instead. We should really be thankful for their existence. Such coins saved the country and the world from further danger.

Their designs normally consist of the institution’s advocacy, and its emblem, or multi-dimensional designs, enamel highlights, and cut-outs. Commonly made of nickel, pewter, or copper, and normally are 1/10 inches thick and 1.5 – 2 inches in diameter, they come in different shapes and styles. Some of them are formed like dog tags, shields, pentagons, and arrowheads, while some,which are truly in limited editions, are gold-plated.

We traditionally see handshakes as quite a common act of expressing respect in our society

But there is something really special ina “secret handshake”. Itisusually practiced whenever a challenge coin is delivered as an award to someone. It is given through such handshake to such person, in a way that no one else will see it being conveyed to him.

Challenge Coin United States’ Presidents started keeping their own challenge coins when Bill Clinton initiated such trend. And Dick Cheney was the 1st ever US Vice President to possess one, followed by succeeding Vice Presidents.

Nowadays, challenge coins are also customized to match the demands of various associations. We can customize them so they beautifully represent the greatness our organizations.

They are just so popular that they have also been featured in the following TV programs and films:

Tony, from the NCIS episode “Cloak,” was given a coin by the US Secretary of the Navy.
Special Agent Derek Morgan constructs communication with a mute, traumatized boy, through a challenge coin, in episode 18: “Foundation,” of “Criminal Minds Season 7.”

Retired Rear Admiral A.J. Chegwidden’s coin’s was flipped by two main characters, in order to decide who will accompany the other to a brand new duty and who will resign, in the end of the TV show, “JAG.”
From the TV show, “Chase,” came the episode, “Betrayed,” where Deputy US Marshal Annie Frost was seen bearing her coin all the time.

In E-Ring, when a general is attempting to stop Samantha Liston from running to be assistant secretary of defense for special operations, Colonel Eli McNutty gives her a coin.

In “Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous,” Jessica Simpson got coined together with her fellow training graduates.

Challenge CoinsKnowing all the characteristics and functions of a challenge or custom coin, it is extremely important to obtain such in a state and condition that we can treasure in the longest period of time. As customers, we deserve nothing but the cream of the crop. And an abundance of customers like us are loudly expressing nothing but pure appreciation for the results they received from Challengecoins4less.com.

From military, police, fire department, corporate, business and even custom coins where we can choose and customize the designs to our satisfaction, Challengecoins4less.com got us covered. Right at the start, they immediately offer free: artwork, quote, revisions, and design.

Challengecoins4less.com claim, with all pride, that they are continuously supplying police and fire department coins to public servants nationwide, and even military coins to all branches of the US Armed Services: Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard. This strongly proves how trust-worthy and impressive their services are.

To begin our order, we have to fill out the free quote form, email them, or call their toll-free number. We need not worry because it is a non-obligatory form – hidden charges won’t be an issue either, as everything will be listed down properly on the quote. Nobody will ever oblige us to continue the purchase just by simply submitting the form. Nevertheless, it is always tempting for us to buy something from them, considering their excellent services.

After we have done the step above, that is when Challengecoins4less get to work on our chosen coin design. Within 24 hours, they will send back the design to us. Once they obtain the final design from us, they willimmediately pass it to the factory, and we simply have to wait for it within 14-17 days, guaranteed!

The majority has spoken. Challengecoins4less will never let us down. With their promising services, we will have our desired coin indeed conveniently!

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Author:Dorothy Kahn