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An Overview of TaylorMade Golf Clubs


American-based company TaylorMade Golf is one of the most well-known global golfing brands.  The world knows the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the design, manufacture, and creation of their golf clubs.

In fact, their golf clubs are consistently on the list of the best in the world.  Both amateurs and professionals alike rate TaylorMade golf clubs high in terms of performance, playability, forgiveness, and speed.

TaylorMade Golf is highly in-demand, but it is quite expensive to acquire. Especially if you would like to buy a set of all its golf clubs, it could get very pricey. However, rockbottomgolf.com, a large discount golf retailer, have made it possible for you to acquire quality, top-notch products from this brand without the usual expense that goes with it. They are a large discount golf retailer, one of the most trusted in the industry.

Rock Bottom Golf has several discounted TaylorMadegolf clubs available. Here is a list of top-notch golf clubs, along with their fine features:

1. Drivers

  • M1 Driver – this is the longest driver that the brand has.  It features multi-material construction. In fact, M stands for Multi-Material.  It features a high-strength yet light crown that’s made of carbon composite.  Since each golfer has a unique swing, this particular driver has made it possible for players to create a shot that suits them. This is through its patented Personal Fit System.  It has a head adjustment system (three-step) that consists of the front and back tracks, and the loft sleeve. It also has three different stock shaft offerings – the High Launch, Mid Launch, and Low Launch.
  • M2 Driver – the M2 driver provides forgiveness and exceptional distance to its users.  Same as M1, it also has a multi-material construction. The forgiveness and distance of M2 is made possible through its patented Massive Sweet Spot technology.  It is designed with high Moment of Inertia (MOI), inverted cone technology, and a redesigned speed pocket.  Another one of its unique features is Hot Trajectory.  This allows the driver to be both hot and forgiving, generating a high launch/low spin trajectory.  It also has an adjustable loft sleeve of 12 positions and multiple shaft options.
  • Kalea Ladies Driver – this line of women’s clubs feature lightweight materials that generate more club head speed. This is especially designed and constructed in order to optimize gaps in distance from the driver through the wedge.


2. Fairways

  • M1 – this carbon crown fairway guarantees optimal launch and speed in every shot.  It features a Front Track System with two sliding weights of 15 grams each for your preferred shot shape.  It is available in lofts 3, 3-HL and 5.  Loft 3 has an angle of 15.5 degrees, while 3-HL has 17 degrees.  Loft 5 has 19 degrees.
  • M2 – The M2 comes in regular, ladies, and junior varieties.  This is especially suited for golfers who aim for great distance and playability from their golf club. It has all of TaylorMade’s patented features such as Carbon Composite Crown, New Speed Pocket technology, and Best in Class sound.

3. Irons

  • M2 – the focus of the M2 irons is for you to gain maximum distance without sacrificing the peak trajectory.  This is a specially-designed iron that is able to fly far and high.  It features a Thick-Thin fluted hosel, which removes significant weight and promotes higher launch and speed.  It also has a 360 degree undercut, speed pocket, thin face with inverted cone technology, and 3D sound and feel system.
  • Psi – this iron is specifically designed for a more advanced intermediate to a superior player.  It features a multi-material badge that reduces vibration, tungsten that put weight in the long irons, and forged short irons. Its key technologies include cut-thru speed pocket, face slots, multi-material damping system, inverted cone technology, progressive spec package, and an ultra-thin face.


4. Wedges

  • Tour-Preferred EF Wedge – this tour-validated wedge is designed by renowned designer Clay Long.  It features electroformed nickel cobalt grooves that provide long lasting spin, a soft 1025 carbon steel body, a PVD finish, and a KBS tour wedge shaft.

5. Putters

  • Ghost Tour Black – this design has a matte black finish, and made from milled aluminum.  It also features a Golf Pride grip for an enhanced feel.
  • Daddy Long Legs – true temper lightweight steel shaft for extreme counterbalance and counter control weight for greater control. It is made from a lightweight steel shaft and aluminum.
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